Jason and the Golden Fleece - Mobil6000

Jason and the Golden Fleece - Mobil6000

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The story takes place in the era before the Trojan War, when Hercules and Theseus were alive and active in ancient Greece.

Jason was the son of Aeson , descendant of god Aeolus , and rightful heir of the throne of Iolcus. His wife would later on be the famous sorceress Medea, daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis — where the Golden Fleece resided.

The story begins like this: Because of his wrongful actions, he received a warning from an Oracle that a descendant of Aeson would seek revenge.

Aeson, while still in the dungeon, got married and had children, Jason was one of them. Pelias believed that Jason was the one the Oracle spoke about who would seek revenge against him, so he commanded Jason to undertake an impossible mission on which he believed and hoped that Jason would be slain.

The mission was to bring back the Golden Fleece from the land of Colchis. According to the story, the two children were to be sacrificed after their step-mother convinced their father it was necessary.

But seeing this injustice, Zeus intervened and before the sacrifice took place his holy ram flew down and took the children away, travelling a long distance through the air.

However, unfortunately Helle fell from the ram during the flight and was killed. The ocean where she was said to have dropped still bears her name today — Hellespontus.

Phrixus continued his journey and arrived in Colchis, an area in the southern Caucasus on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, and the boy was welcomed by the King Aeetes of Colchis.

The ram was sacrificed to Zeus and the Golden Fleece was kept at the temple of the God of War Ares Mars and a dragon was put to guard it at all times.

The dragon was so large that it could surround a ship with its body. So Jason, following the commands of King Pelias, began his voyage, known as Argonautica.

For the voyage to be successful, Jason had to recruit the best warriors of the time, and so he did. Fifty of the most important heroes of Greece, including Hercules and Orpheus, accompanied Jason on the Argonautica.

A special boat was made called Argos, which was named after the creator, Argus, son of Phrixus. Jason had the support of Goddess Hera who wanted revenge for King Pelias not worshipping her.

After an adventurous journey they arrived at Colchis where Jason asked King Aeetes to give him the Golden Fleece, explaining how this was also the wish of the Goddess Hera.

Aeetes on the surface agreed but he set a trial that he was sure Jason would fail. He asked Jason to plough the land by using two bulls with metallic legs which threw flames from their nostrils, and then sow the teeth of the dragon that the king gave to him.

Aeetes did not tell Jason that by sowing the teeth a large army of warriors would come out of the soil to attack him.

Medea instructed Jason to throw a stone at the warriors, telling him that by doing so, the warriors would turn on each other, launch into battle, and eventually kill each other.

With the help of Medea, Jason succeeded in the task, so King Aeetes told Jason he could retrieve the Golden Fleece, believing that the dragon would kill him.

At the same time, he ordered his army to burn his ship, Argos, and kill the Argonauts. However, Medea again helped Jason and, as a sorceress, she put a spell on the dragon so that Jason could get the Golden Fleece from the tree were it was hanging.

Knowing her father and that he would follow them, Medea captured her brother and killed him, spreading his pieces across the ocean so that her father would have to search for all the pieces of his son, providing them with the necessary time to escape.

Most people believe that the story of Jason and the Argonauts is a work of fiction born out of the imagination of the ancient people. Based on this background, some scholars believe that the ancient Greek myths have their root in reality.

Likewise, Dr Marcus Vaxevanopoulos of the Geology department of the University of Thessaloniki in Greece believes that there is some reality behind the story of Jason and the Argonauts.

After all, research and historical records have shown that stories of sea monsters were simply a way for people to describe whales, walruses, and giant squid, which were rarely seen in ancient times and which were quite terrifying to the people that saw them.

If Dr Vaxevanopoulos is right, and the story of Jason and the Argonauts has its basis in reality, the next logical question is — how much of the story is real?

What did the dragon represent? And was the golden fleece merely a symbol for real gold? Jason, Medea and the Quest for the Golden Fleece.

He is both a co-owner and co-founder of Ancient Origins. After reading this article, I was just struck by a "Eureka! In fairtytales and folk literature, we've been told that the lairs of dragons are often piled with gold and other valuable objects.

In this sense, dragons are seen as possessive creatures that hoard abundant treasure; making a nest out of them and guarding them with fierce greed.

This is why the Dragon or Serpent is usually symbolized as a creature of Avarice. However, after reading this article, it gave me a new thought on the relationship between Dragons and Treasure.

Like how the Dragon protected the Golden Fleece, what if other dragons in other myths and legends have done the same?

Instead of hoarding the treasure, the dragons could have guarded them from thieves and intruders. A dragon would make an excellent security service, and if it were a pet, it could obey its owner's wishes.

This also reminded me of the roles of dragons found in the East - China, Japan and India. Asian dragons are both the owners and guardians of treasure and knowledge.

They hoard and also protect them; only giving treasure to those who they seem worthy or earned of such wealth. The Dragon Kings of Japan and China live in underwater kingdoms filled with gold, sacred artifacts and powerful weapons.

In India, the Nagas legendary serpents with fiery venom too guard the treasures of kings, gods and sages.

And in Egypt, we have the Uraeus Serpent who spits rays of heat to enemies. What if dragons - instead of being greedy evil beings - could have in fact been guardians of treasure?

And what if the heroes or dragonslayers were no more than invasive thieves and that their victory stories were nothing more than biased accounts?

Much of recorded accounts after all were written by victors, rarely the opposite. We only get one side of the Whole Movie. The Golden Fleece was protected and guarded by a Dragon.

A Dragon who fiercely did its task well. Yet another question remains: Surviving dinosaurs or megafauna?

Or perhaps genetic experiments done by the gods aliens. This is a good point Oldenyouth. There's a theory amongst mythographers and Indologists that the Nagas Serpent Gods of India could have influenced the origins of both the Western dragon and the Asian dragon.

Argus, who wasn't known to be very humble, named it Argo, after himself. Apparently, these women insulted the Goddess Aphrodite, and hence were cursed by her.

Their husbands ran away from them as their bodies stank really bad! As a revenge, the women killed their husbands, and lived alone on the island.

The women requested the Argonauts to help them repopulate the island, and the heroes happily obliged. Harpies were creatures who had faces of women, but bodies of birds.

They used to steal Phineus' food and defecate on his dining table. The poor king had grown weak, as he could barely eat in peace.

Jason and the heroes decided to help him get rid of the harpies. Zetes and Calais, the sons of north wind, chased away the harpies.

Finally, Phineus was relieved and enjoyed a meal in peace. He helped them with the location of Colchis, and also warned them about cliffs of Symplegades.

The Argonauts decided that a bird will pass through the cliffs, and Argo will follow closely. As soon as the cliffs close, Argo will quickly pass.

Thus, the plan was successful, and the ship passed with very little damage. King Aeetes of Colchis was wary of strangers, and assumed the group to be his enemies.

Somehow, Jason convinced him that all he wanted was the Golden Fleece. The king told him he could take the fleece if and only if he completed three tasks.

She fell in love with Jason as soon as she saw him. Well, the credit should actually go to Aphrodite, who used her power to entice Medea.

She played a pivotal role in Jason's quest. You must be thinking, that's pretty easy! But, the bulls were not normal bulls, they used to breathe fire and had feet made of sharp brass.

But Jason had no worries, as Medea was a sorceress. She gave him a magic potion that made him immune to fire and metal. Thus, Jason completed his first task.

Instantly, the seeds germinated and warriors came out. Jason used trickery to get rid of them. He threw a stone at one of them, and they started blaming each other, and fighting amongst themselves.

Jason used a magic potion given by Medea and the dragon fell asleep. Thus, Jason completed all the tasks. Hence, Jason and Medea stole the fleece at night and escaped from Colchis along with the Argonauts.

King Aeetes tried to chase them, but Medea killed her own brother to distract them. They went to Corinth. This obviously irked Medea, and she killed his new wife.

She also killed her children and got married to Achilles. He met a very tragic end when the beam of the ship fell on his head, and instantly killed him.

This was the story of Jason and his quest to get the Golden Fleece. Like most Greek stories, it is a story of courage, revenge, and passion, with a very tragic end.

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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The mythical mushroom portals of the supernatural. We only get one side of the Whole Movie. Who Wrote the Bill of Rights? Facts about Abraham Lincoln. From Konstrukteurswertung formel 1, the free encyclopedia. The very early origin of the myth in preliterate times casino ettlingen that during the more than a millennium when it was to some degree part of the fabric of culture, its perceived significance likely passed through numerous developments. The mobile web version is similar to the mobile app. Keep reading to know about the exciting journey Jason and other heroes biathlon am sonntag to retrieve the Golden Fleece. Gerüchteküche bundesliga Gods and Goddesses played a major role, albeit indirectly in such quests.

Jason and the Golden Fleece - Mobil6000 -

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Jason And The Golden Fleece - Mobil6000 Video

Mythic Warriors Guardians of the Legend Jason and the Argonauts:The Search for the Golden Fleece Become a real money online casino player at Mobil and be greatly rewarded! Kategorien casino casino club casino spiele kostenlos book of ra online casino casino spiele casino online stargames. Skip to content Sevens big cash casino lahr Bars should also appeal sims 4 spielstand sichern players that enjoy the 3 reel version of Wheel of Fortune - the game play is very similar, although it doesn't have the spinning wheel. Choose Your Welcome Gift: Similar Slot Games 12 Animals Slot. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird wm quali 2019 heute veröffentlicht. Powered by WordPress und Graphene-Theme. Play Machine Gun Unicorn. Master of Mystery 95 Play Fantasini: Knight's Life im Casino online. October 21, 0 Beste Spielothek in Lichterfelde finden Water Tags: Super Lucky Frog - Mobil

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